December 7, 2011

Serenity at Tres Belle Spa

It's a long time in coming, but it's never to late to brag about one of your favorite escapes.  And mine is Tres Belle Spa.  And this review is long over due!

The aptly named spa is owned and run by the smart and funny Allison Tray, who I wish I could go out on the town with; I know we would have a blast.   We would dance till dawn.

I met Allison about a year ago, at the Spa which had been heavily recommended to me by some notable women of our growing Boerum Hill neighborhood.  You'd be thrilled at some of the interesting and indy celebs that frequent it... like me.  Why I even ran into Zana Bayne on entering as she exited.  She has glowing skin, so I knew I hit the right place at the time.  Personally, I don't care who goes there as long as they look great on exiting.

Since then I've had a few IPL (Intense pulsed light) with Oksana, which gracefully helps remove summers unwanted sun spots.   My favorite is Yoshie's acupressure lifting treatment.  She rocks the massage, pressure points, extractions and all.

They don't just offer the most amazing facials (which they do), they also offer Laser Hair Removal,  Peels, Microdermabrasion,  and Eyelash Perm, Tint and Extensions!  I'm curious about the lash extensions. But I'm not ready to commit to that.  Yet.

Today I lay my self down for a new facial treatment.  Tres belle is now offering the amazing Tata Harper Facial.  And if you remember I did a piece on that last year, when my friend Tina Bech Lipman had a private party where myself and some other lovely ladies were able to experience it first hand.   We all walked out of there glowing. So I was pleased to see that Allison hooked up with Tata and is offering the same amazing treatment.

I have to say, I feel Devine. I'm about to go get dressed for a lovely little Birthday dinner for a friend, and I'm just so happy that my face is glowing!  I feel 5 years younger.

Allison Tray, proprietress of Tres Belle Spa 

Last year I sat down with Allison and we had a great conversation on how she started Tres Belle Spa.  It's a great story, that involves an adventure in fashion, acting, and Improv.  But eventually, feeling that wasn't the path for her, with her father's help investing in a laser hair remover machine, she took the plunge to start her own business.  Rather than waste more time, and train to use the machine herself, she hired someone else to operate it. Thus finding and forming a relationship with Oksana– who has ended up staying with her for the long run.  They started small, and worked from the back of her father's chiropractic office– an 8 square foot room– and eventually moved to her own space. After bouncing around a number of other locations, two years ago she found this lovely relaxing setting in our very own neighborhood.  We are fortunate indeed!

Now it's your turn. GO and share your experience with me here!

tres belle petite medi-spa
105 Bond Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217
United States
Phone: (718) 797-0033

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