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What She Wore

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.   Some of you  are still in it, like myself, others are back at work.    I had a great time, and am still looking forward to the upcoming New Years bash.  I finally pulled out some dresses I've purchased that have never made it beyond my closet.  When I first bought this green dress from 1 of a Find vintage, Victoria pointed out that she had seen something similar– green silk dresses– in a Gucci, or was it Valentino Ad.  I can't remember.  But as cool as that seemed, I wasn't so sure it would work on me.   Well in fact.. it turns out it was the perfect Christmas dress!

First Party: combo birthday party / holiday party for a friend.   Pulled out the never before worn blue dress bought last year from 1 of a Find Vintage, Brooklyn New York.   That night, after the party, my son Jackson said, "Mommy you look really pretty. I love your dress".  

Second Party: Holiday party thrown in our honor by Dear Jennifer, as we are moving at the end of January.  Pulled out the lovely green dress from 1 of a Find Vintage, that I hadn't worn yet.  I call it the perfect Christmas dress! Worn with sexy Coco De Mer tights, and suede booties.

This dress went over so well, I just wore it again for Christmas (see previous post)