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The Circle of Beads

One of my favorite things to do is crafts.   As a "studied" artist I used to think my crafty side was my silly hobby side– something not worth sharing.  But I've come to realize crafts give you a lot more room to explore the fun and silly side of yourself.  And it's also much more immediately gratifying for me. It comes in handy if you want to give a gift from the heart.  Something you made, rather than bought.  Imagine all the time that goes into making the gift. It's love. {lol}  

I love to do art, but I pressure myself too much when I paint.   When I sew or make jewery, it's different.  I'm having fun, and there are no rules in my head.   These days, I'm doing a lot of crafts.  I have a plan in the back of my head. There is a big picture I'm working on.  But as I go along, I'm learning, and exploring everything.

One of the projects I'm working on right now I call the "circle of beads".   You see them everywhere, from expensiv…

Sexy DarylK Glossy Red Fanny Pack takes a Ride in Hamburg

Golden isn't the only Color of Advanced Style

What becomes a woman of style when she reaches her 80's? Well, have a look at this trailer from Advanced Style's Ari Seth Cohen's upcoming Film.   Lina Pliolplyte and Arei Seth Cohen have been filming and interviewing gorgeous and stylish ladies for over three years now. I'm dying to see the finished project, projected to be in theaters after their 2013 film festival circuit.

I'm super grateful for Mr. Cohen's appreciation of these ladies and all ladies of an Advanced age who continue to care about their appearance.  It's nice to get recognition like this.  I only hope I am half as stylish as these lovely ladies when I reach my "golden" years.

More at: Advanced Style

A Brooklyn British Love Affair

I've never seen someone embrace their new life and home like I've seen my friend Victoria Sullivan embrace Brooklyn.   We girls always joke how Victoria is the "mayer" of Brooklyn.  Well really anywhere she visits, we dub her the "mayer" of... like Cold Springs.   She just has a lovely way of introducing herself, and getting to know people. She goes out on her bike, explores and discovers the best and most unique finds.   Always sure to find a bargain, and sometimes right off the street.

Take for example the way her and her husband bought a barely standing brownstone in a popular section of Brooklyn, and turned it around, on a tight budget, into one of the best of spaces ever.  She really sets the bar.   Dilapited to Desireable, Grime to Glory, Sad to Sensational.   And I would not have believed it.  I just don't have the eye that she and her handsome husband have.   They could see right from the beginning what they wanted to do.

After a semi-reasonab…

The New Year has Arrived!

And it rolled in with a bang!  A delicious lovely bang. If I could eat it, I would describe it as a lovely layered cake populated with all the people I love!  Your like... what?  Yes, I'm serious.  The weeks leading up to New Years Eve were fantastic. A crazy fantastic mix of stress of our impending move, and christmas shopping and wrapping, but also lots and lots of Parties!!!  

It started off with Daryl's amazing party for her husband Paul. Then Jennifer's lovely soiree that she threw in honor of us, and Daniela's Christmas Eve dinner party, followed by Christmas drinks at Victoria's!   Then I had a lovely amazing time with my old high school buddies down in Virginia.  Love the mix of old and new!  It's just what we are celebrating when we sing Old Lang Syne!   

And last night the Grande Finale!!  Eva threw an amazing New Years Eve Party. This year it really meant a lot to me to spend it with my friends as I won't be here to do it in the next few years. …