January 28, 2012

Get Your Neon Fix With Organic Peroxide

Okay, so again, sorry for the lame posting schedule.  I'm in the last week of my move to Hamburg!   It's just nuts around here!   We leave in two days!!! Crrraaaaazzzzy!!!

This post should have gone out last week, but here it is.  I have the pleasure of knowing Michael Kozak– funny gorgeous, always stylishly and creatively dressed and the talented creator of Organic Peroxide– through my friend Daniela who is also very stylish and fittingly so as she is a stylist.   We busted a gut last week at the Chocolate Room, where he handed me my package of goodies over that I ordered.

This photo just doesn't do them justice, but most of my stuff is packed up, so better pictures will be forth coming...

Lady Warfield and her Arm Party: OP Silver Mohawk Charm Bracelet in Green & Pink,
My Indian Medallion from Hubby, and OP Silver Double Wrap Surf Bracelet in Orange Acid.

I picked out 3 bracelets from Micheal's look book (it was very hard to decide).   I went with a Bondi Wrap, Mohawk and Double Surf Wrap.   

Organic Peroxide has recently been spotted on Drew Barrymore:

She really rocks them. 

I love the bright neon colors. I know one usually reserves this look for summer, but somehow in this unpredictable world, and drab weather to boot, having a splash of color is really helping my spirits stay up.

So if interested, visit Organic Peroxide on Twitter and Facebook!

Okay, that's it for me for the time being.   Next post will be from Hamburg.


Anonymous said...

Hey do u know if Organic Peroxide is only available online, or where else can it be bought?

lady warfield said...

Good question. I'll check in with OP and see where you can get some.
Thanks for you inquiry!

lady warfield said...

Inquiring minds want to know....
Here you go:

@organicperoxide: @lady_warfield you can only purchase right now through sales@organicperoxidenyc.com or here!! for a limited time only! http://t.co/i76AO2I4

The L-atitude.com said...

L-atitude is obsessed with Organic Peroxide!

You can now buy Organic Peroxide on L-atitude! Shop the collection on http://www.shoplatitude.com/shop-designer/organic-peroxide

Happy Shopping!