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The New Year has Arrived!

And it rolled in with a bang!  A delicious lovely bang. If I could eat it, I would describe it as a lovely layered cake populated with all the people I love!  Your like... what?  Yes, I'm serious.  The weeks leading up to New Years Eve were fantastic. A crazy fantastic mix of stress of our impending move, and christmas shopping and wrapping, but also lots and lots of Parties!!!  

It started off with Daryl's amazing party for her husband Paul. Then Jennifer's lovely soiree that she threw in honor of us, and Daniela's Christmas Eve dinner party, followed by Christmas drinks at Victoria's!   Then I had a lovely amazing time with my old high school buddies down in Virginia.  Love the mix of old and new!  It's just what we are celebrating when we sing Old Lang Syne!   

And last night the Grande Finale!!  Eva threw an amazing New Years Eve Party. This year it really meant a lot to me to spend it with my friends as I won't be here to do it in the next few years.   So it was sad, and it was amazing.   

I haven't made any new years resolutions this year. I have enough on my plate. It will be about adjusting to a new place, new culture and new language.   I think I'll have a lot of "New" years resolutions that will just naturally happen.   But spending quality time with the family, will be a big part of it.

Just want to send my Thanks and Love out to you, my fellow readers and followers.   I hope I can keep up the writing and I would love to ask you to communicate more with me, either by email or with comments.  Just let me know what you think!

Big Kiss and Lots of Love!