February 1, 2012

I want to go to that...

After laughing loudly while scanning my British Vogue e-Newsletter upon seeing the headline for an  titled: Beckham Fever, Victoria Beckham gets excited about her husband's H&M collection, my eyes fell upon this delicious treat:

It's Mulberry's new bag, a reinterpretation of the label's best selling Alexa Style.   This version, is a green lizard print.. which is what I like about it.  It looks like camouflage.   But the style.. and maybe I'm not versed enough in who does what first...  reminds me of another bag I covet, which I can't afford also... Proenza Schouler's bag. I like the construction of the proenza bag better, but really dig this lizard pattern. Which I could see a detail though!

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