February 22, 2012

To the Fans of Lady Warfield...

I am not gone...
The Stress of a Move = 5 lbs Weight Loss!!!

I'm truly sorry.  Everything in me wants to post.  I want to be that girl who runs around doing errands, and photographs it along the way.  I want to show you my adventures out in this new town, running errands, setting up shop, setting up home, setting up kids... just plane setting up. But I keep thinking this is just boring!  But maybe not.

I am excited about our new digs. There are so many rooms!  It's so fun to be in an apartment again.  Even though I'm sometimes lonely, there are people around me! Coming and going, and going and coming...   Well you know.

And the mirrors! So many mirrors, and places to walk... lot's of hallways.  I plan on documenting it for you. And I just might soon.

There are some fun discoveries, that I need to boldly pursue further. But my German sucks, and I feel like a jerk always assuming everyone speaks English, even though they do!

Here are some of my favorite finds, I'm soon to discover:

What is this shop?? And why is it closed?!  Hmm.. antiques, toys... soon to be discovered...

Really cool stuff for the home.. but again. Closed.   Oh those germans. They like their siesta too!

I can see this on a sunny day... Packed!

Okay, not really sure what this was. But still looks interesting.

From the outside, this might look just like a retro antique shop.. but there is a woman sitting in the window at a high table having a drink.  This is a cool cafe with sellable items.

Okay, so I want some Chinese food.  

Will this be the replacement for Dashing Diva???  Stay tuned, and find out more

I'm off to  TREU Hamburg,Schönes für Hunde & ihre Menschen Tomorrow.   The lovely  Antje, ordered Tiki a Red dog jacket just in her size, and I'm off to pick it up.   She'll look just darling!!

And maybe I'll make a friend!

xxoo The ever persistent Lady Warfield

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