March 19, 2012

Shark Tooth Necklace: Lifted from Son

It's all the rage right now, and not just for summer wear. Although I do get confused.  I see adds in winter and think it's for that season, but I guess the surfers in the Givenchy add indicate summer? But no, wait, they are wearing wetsuits!   And even though she's in a light colored suit and with sandals... I'm not thinking hot... more like chilling morning at the beach.

So on to the topic at hand.   Two years ago, my mother in law, gave my son this shark's tooth necklace.  It was too big to wear, so I suggested putting it on his key chain...

He uses it.

But I asked if I could borrow it and give it back...  eventually.

Because... I was inspired by above ad and below post from:

DIY: shark tooth necklace

Shark teeth. So hot right now.Photos: because im addicted in collaboration with Sophie Monet

To read about how to create your very own Shark's Tooth Necklace, go to the original post from BECAUSE I'M ADDICTED, my favorite DIY Fashion Site.