April 19, 2012

Spring Scarf!

It's time for the Spring Scarf!

Everyone must go out and buy a colorful spring scarf.   Germans just LOVE their scarfs.  I don't blame them. Besides practical reasons, it's just a fabulous way to freshen up any outfit.  See the below photos as an example... I'm in my PJ's.   Pajamas for those who are not in the know.   They're my PJ's/working from home outfit.   But see the scarf?  It really makes me look like I'm ready to go out and about.

I found this scarf in my new hood; the fabulous Eppendorf.   Yeah, it's kind of posh here, but I see a lot of flavor as well.   And in fact this store I found, iKona, right on Hegestrasse, reminds me of Montauk.  I can just picture the clothing on me all summer.   However, one thing that is depressing, is how expensive it is here.  Not just this neighborhood, but in general.  Clothing seems more expensive and not just the fact that the Euro is stronger than the dollar. But stuff is pricier.   So I have to just look, ogle and dream.  

Except for this scarf!  I treated myself.   I haven't bought anything for me in 2 months! Well, except the grey and pink study sneakers.  But those were more necessity than vanity.  But there is always vanity involved. Always.

This le.sens scarf is hand made by Leoni Sens.  The scarves come smaller, or large, and cotton, or my favorite, a mix of cotton and silk.   But those were even MORE expensive.  But so lovely!

Lovely just lovely.  So this is my purchase:

iKona, www.ikona-hamburg.com

Out of the box.  Blue, greens and grays...

the tissue is amazing too.   Thinking of getting the wallpaper!

scarf color detail

It will be great this summer on the beach as a wrap...

or part of my day wear... 

see how nicely it shapes up my "lounge wear"?

What's your spring obession?

April 15, 2012

Post Easter Pinks & Greys

I'm noticing I have a fixation on pink and grey shoes... with studs.


I also wanted to share this great idea.  Not sure if I can rock it, but hey, looks fun.

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And lastly, The easter eggs we made, and the yummy Deviled Eggs after the hunt.

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