August 17, 2012

Score One: Sexy DarylK Glossy Red Fanny Pack!

Well, if you remember my personal look at DarylK's spring line back in October of 2011you'll remember there were a few things I was coveting, and patience brings rewards!  

So first on the list is this amazing red Fanny Pack.  Yep, it's a fanny pack. But I've so far only worn it as a shoulder bag.  It's so amazing and practical.  It has a special spot for my glasses, phone, keys, lipstick and wallet. All I need for a stylish bike ride.  And I plan on being as stylish as I can till the day I die. Btw, it even has enough room to stash one of those roll up shopping bags, which, inevitably I need for getting that pint of Milk, or bottle of wine.

As you can see from the photo above and below, it works well with my wardrobe.  I seem to have a lot of red accents. Red flowers on the Gazelle, and Red J-Brand Jeans.

A lot of readers want to know where I get my stuff, and how much it costs. I don't always give prices because I don't like to share how much I'm willing to spend. It's embarrassing.  I love a bargain, and die for vintage, but if I think an item I covet from a favorite designer is going to last then I think it's worth it to spend more.  I'm not the $2,000 Fendi bag buyer (I don't even like them). But I will go up to $300 for a quality bag, if it's amazing.  I prefer to spend less than $150 and yes, I know you can get a good bag for under $100, but I have bag issues, so let's just not go there.
So this bag?  I'm not sure how much it retails for.  It's not listed.  I got it for a bit less, for confidential reasons that I'm not at liberty to divulge.

I'll be posting some more of my DarylK finds in the upcoming week.  So come back!

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