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The Circle of Beads

One of my favorite things to do is crafts.   As a "studied" artist I used to think my crafty side was my silly hobby side– something not worth sharing.  But I've come to realize crafts give you a lot more room to explore the fun and silly side of yourself.  And it's also much more immediately gratifying for me. It comes in handy if you want to give a gift from the heart.  Something you made, rather than bought.  Imagine all the time that goes into making the gift. It's love. {lol}  

I love to do art, but I pressure myself too much when I paint.   When I sew or make jewery, it's different.  I'm having fun, and there are no rules in my head.   These days, I'm doing a lot of crafts.  I have a plan in the back of my head. There is a big picture I'm working on.  But as I go along, I'm learning, and exploring everything.

One of the projects I'm working on right now I call the "circle of beads".   You see them everywhere, from expensiv…