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Aging Gracefully... most of the time

This past October–drum role please–I turned 48.  I still can't really put my head around that number.  I still remember when I was in my 20's, and my girlfriends would always joke, "Your'e pushing 30!"  Then eventually it was, "Your'e pushing 40!" Now? where are they now?   The silence is thick with fear.   But a few of my friends have surpassed me and reached the next glorious double didgit of 50.  And you know what?  It's really not so bad.  Sure, when your 45, and under, you cringe when you think of turning 50. But as the years go by, and you see little changes, but nothing too dramatic, and you still feel fabulous, sexy and alive, 50 just seems like another number.  One to just go, "oh boo. You don't scare me!"   50 is actually kind of sexy now.  Because it's broken the stereo type.  And people who are still stuck in the middle ages who refer to "middle age" as 40, have another thing coming.  Well maybe if they a…

Sewing Precious Pants

These are the silk pants I made last spring. I'm pretty sure I posted this photo of me modeling them, but not sure if I posted the few photos I took while constructing them.  What I usually do, is take a pattern, and then customize it.   A lot of the instructions on these patterns aren't very clear, so I improvise anyway.  Recently, I learned how to do a double welted pocket, which I'll show in another post.  But these call for standard side pockets, zipper and my addition, tuxedo stripe.   I have a few problems when I'm sewing.  I don't have a Serger, so my edges are not the prettiest.  That's on my wish list for next year.   And, I don't always choose the most forgiving materials.   For example, these pants would be better if they had just a slight stretch.  But, they still look hot.

Little Warriors and Princesses

Photos from yesteryear.  Literally last years photos taken on Thanksgiving while we visited friends at the Manor.  I'll always cherish these times we've spent there with our friends.  It's peaceful and calm.  And just gorgeous.

Surfer Girl: your never to old to learn

For the past 18 years, I've been watching Mark, surf.  I've always been content to be the Betty on the beach.   I like watching.  It's soothing, and looks much less dangerous!   Yes the truth is, I'm a chicken. I used to be fearless as a kid growing up in Southern California. I let the waves toss me about with no problem.   But after I had kids, I started to play life more cautiously and careful.

Well no more.  Something has happened to me recently and it's made me realize that I'm just sitting around waiting for shit to happen.  And when you do that, and your not steering, shit happens, but not necessarily the kind you want.   So, taking the steer by the horn, the horse by the reigns, the sea with the board....   I'm giving it a try. Trying to overcome my fears.   I'm starting small.  So don't get any ideas that I'll be hitting the big waves.  In fact, I have yet stand up!   I've only been out one day.  Several times, but just one day. Pr…

A Trip to Amsterdam to see Girls Against Boys

May 3rd  I jumped on a train to Amsterdam to see my friend play with his band.  I couldn't get anyone else to go with me, so I just went for it.  It turned out to be the best thing I could have done.  It was so nice to be on my own wandering the streets of Amsterdam.  Checking out shops, people watching and enjoying the atmosphere.  Later that evening I hooked up with my friend Eli and grabbed something to eat before the show. 
The show was fantastic. I think so many bands mature in a way that makes them more interesting to see than when they are just young men.  Although I have to admit, I never saw them play when they first set of in the late 80's. But I wasn't disappointed.  
It was an amazing night.   From there we hit a club where our friend was Djaying, "ThugFu**er".  It was almost as if I stepped into another world.  One a mother of two doesn't get to join too often.

Man Repeller Contiues to Make Me Giggle & Rebecca Minkoff's Debut Jewlery Collection

This is from last falls fashion week, but I just love it so much I had to share it. Leandra of Man Repeller just kills it with her Fashion Boot camp!  

And on that note, I might as well share this new video of Rebecca Minkoff's debut jewlery collection for  Spring 2013 featuring the Man Repeller herself,  Leandra Medine.  Ah, if only all models