March 28, 2013

Inspiring Ladies: Linda Rodin

I suppose any girl has some amazing woman  they look to for inspiration.  When your a child it's probably the teenager that babysits you, or the older sister of your friend.  Then when your a teenager it's the girls in their early 20's. And so it goes.  What you look for, depends on who you are.   Strong minded women. Glamours and Chic.  Independent and wordily.  And then, now, for me.. the aging gracefully, comfortable who she is, yet still glamours and chic.  

I seem to be looking at women who are my age or older (just like the pattern), who have their own unique style, and have only done minimal maintenance to keep their youth.  I'm all about dying your hair, some make-up and a little botox to keep myself from looking mad, or sad. But too much and you look more your age than without.  It's true. The more you see a woman with her face pulled tight, you can see that she's covering something.   It just becomes a mask.   

We shouldn't be looking back--- using younger women as influences. They are for their younger peers to be on a pedestal.  And older woman should look to her peers and elders for inspiration.

Never go back... only forward.

Today's Inspiration:  Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin, (60 something) is a model of elegance!  She started modeling when she moved to Italy to study at the age of eighteen.  Returning to New York in the Seventies, she ran a successful, SoHo boutique, had stints as a stylist at chic stores like Henri Bendel, and then as a fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar. Eventually, she became a freelance stylist—acknowledged as one of the best in the business.

In 2007 she created her own skincare line: RODIN. Creating something that she was unable to find for a woman of her age.  Something that would "caress the skin noticeably and without any delay."   RODIN Olio lusso—and lipstick—are the only products Rodin uses on her skin and hair.  

RODIN Olio lusso is made from a blend of 11 essential oils derived from flowers and botanicals. Applied morning and night, olio lusso is perfect for anyone seeking hydrated skin, and a luminous complexion. Apply a few drops of RODIN olio lusso on a clean, moist face morning and night.

I haven’t worn makeup since I turned 30, except for lipstick which I never leave the house without. It always brightens your face. I hate glossy lips and only wear matte colors like Guerlain’s Rouge 129. My favorite pencil is Shu Uemura’s 365 lip liner, which was discontinued. Now I use a bright pink one from Makeup For Ever called Aqua Lip 16C. 
For my daily regime, I wet my face with warm water in the morning, pat it dry and put my oil on while the skin is still damp. At night, I wash my face with a cleanser like Cetaphil and repeat. I don’t re-cleanse after sleeping. 
Each of the ingredients in my face oil has a certain property. Rose hip seed treats sunspots, primrose treats rashes and calendula oil from the marigold flower is good for healing inflammation and irritation. 
The most overrated thing is expensive towels for drying your face. Thick towels are too heavy and leave your skin bone dry. A moist face absorbs product better. I buy cheap Indian cotton towels from Dress Shoppe on Second Avenue. They’re 10 bucks and never get fluffy, but they’re good because they’re not absorbent 
In the summer I use any sunblock over 20 SPF from Dermalogica. I used to be a Bain de Soleil girl way back, but I ruined my skin. Now I’m neurotic in the hot sun. I cover up in a burqa. 
My new healthy habit is drinking green juice made with kale, spinach, ginger, lemon and celery. It’s like having a salad. All the models drink it, which makes their breath stink, but it’s delicious. 
I prefer dark nails like Chanel Vamp and Essie Wicked or nothing at all. Jacqueline Padilha is a genius Brazilian manicurist who comes to my house.
My secret weapon is Fran Wilson’s Moodmatcher lipstick. I’ve been using it since I was 16. It’s green and you can put it under everything. It keeps your lips colored even after sleeping. 
A common myth is that oil makes your hair greasy. Bob Recine, who created our formula has a motto: just a teeny drop every morning. It has juniper and rosemary and smells divine. 
I’ve always maintained a thin figure. I don’t drink water except at night. My liquid is a cappuccino every morning and two glasses of wine at night. (I can totally relate to this) 
To relax, I see David McCabe, a private massage therapist. He’s fantastic. You feel like you’re back in the womb. 
My biggest beauty indulgence is a monthly Triad Medical facial from Dr. Colbert. It’s so luxurious but it only takes 20 minutes. First they clean your skin with a little suction that I call a mini vacuum cleaner, then they do a treatment that feels like your skin is getting popped and they finish with a minor peel. You walk out literally looking 10 years younger. 
I’ve never colored my hair. I’ve been using Clairol Shimmer Highlights shampoo for blondes and white hair for years. I see Leonard Golino for a blowout every week. (she makes me want to go natural... but I'll wait till I'm 55) 
The secret to aging gracefully is maintenance. Botox is fine in moderation, but the more you do the older you look. You can’t chase youth. You’ll just look old with a facelift. (didn't I just say this! LOL. Words of Wisdom)

—Excerpts from an interview by Nicole Berrie, Wall Street Journal (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204555904577167123704941372.html)

March 21, 2013

Waiting for Spring...

Hamming it up in my DarylK Spring 2012 Dress

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to spring this year.   It's been a long long winter, and I'm really missing the sunshine, and along with it, light breezy dressing.  Last summer I purchased this great dress from Daryl K.   I wore it a few times at the end of the season, but just knew it would still look fabulous this spring.   Let's hope I still fit into it after all the pommes and wurst I've been eating to chase away these chilly days.

and last summer when I first tried it on in Daryl's studio.


In collaboration with artist Spencer Sweeney, this abstract printed silk JumpDress is a cross between a dress and a jumpsuit.  It looks like a dress but feels like a jumpsuit.  It is a subtly asymmetrical shape that has a step-in opening creating a pant leg; it then wraps around the body to close with a zipper in the front.  It is comfortable, functional, simultaneously elegant and simple.