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A Trip to Amsterdam to see Girls Against Boys

Girls against Boys.

May 3rd  I jumped on a train to Amsterdam to see my friend play with his band.  I couldn't get anyone else to go with me, so I just went for it.  It turned out to be the best thing I could have done.  It was so nice to be on my own wandering the streets of Amsterdam.  Checking out shops, people watching and enjoying the atmosphere.  Later that evening I hooked up with my friend Eli and grabbed something to eat before the show. 

The show was fantastic. I think so many bands mature in a way that makes them more interesting to see than when they are just young men.  Although I have to admit, I never saw them play when they first set of in the late 80's. But I wasn't disappointed.  

It was an amazing night.   From there we hit a club where our friend was Djaying, "ThugFu**er".  It was almost as if I stepped into another world.  One a mother of two doesn't get to join too often.