December 21, 2013

Aging Gracefully... most of the time

This past October–drum role please–I turned 48.  I still can't really put my head around that number.  I still remember when I was in my 20's, and my girlfriends would always joke, "Your'e pushing 30!"  Then eventually it was, "Your'e pushing 40!" Now? where are they now?   The silence is thick with fear.   But a few of my friends have surpassed me and reached the next glorious double didgit of 50.  And you know what?  It's really not so bad.  Sure, when your 45, and under, you cringe when you think of turning 50. But as the years go by, and you see little changes, but nothing too dramatic, and you still feel fabulous, sexy and alive, 50 just seems like another number.  One to just go, "oh boo. You don't scare me!"   50 is actually kind of sexy now.  Because it's broken the stereo type.  And people who are still stuck in the middle ages who refer to "middle age" as 40, have another thing coming.  Well maybe if they are sitting around eating donuts, doritos, lot's of fried fats, don't excersice or socialize. Then, yes they will look like the old fashioned 50.  But these days, it doesn't take much to keep your youth. The very most important ingredient to staying young looking (IMHO), is to be young thinking. Open minded.  Open to all.  To love fully, and to give fully.  To embrace life.  To forgive, and to let go.  To just be yourself.  Don't get stuck.  Find your way out of those sticky places with the right, positive attitude.  Hey, it's not easy. And not every day is easy. But more times than naught, it is.  Just some gentle reminders needed.  Good friends, and people around you that you love and love you.
I have the best group of friends EVER.  They are near, and they are far. But only far geographically. They sit so close to my heart, sometimes it hurts when I miss them. But I know something for sure now–and this is a benefit of age–the friends you have now, will be with you forever.  We're in that unconditional love phase of our lives. And it's glorious!

 So here are some photos from this year, of me. I'm proud of me. Proud of my body– with stretch marks, a few sags, cellulite and fat. (Yes, we all have to have fat!)   I'm in love with my family, friends, and my life.   I'm very, very lucky. Even with a few wrinkles to go with the smile.

July, Amagansett

If i stand just so...

With fellow sex pot mommy, Hannah.  Yeah, but she's still in her 30's or something

My Birthday Weekend: London (zoom in for crinkles

With the Family on our German Thanksgiving

With the man in my life.  But I have to admit, I think he softened the lens on this.

Celebrating Christmas with Wanda (my mom, who just turne 78!)

I love you mom. Your an inspiration!

December 20, 2013

Sewing Precious Pants

These are the silk pants I made last spring. I'm pretty sure I posted this photo of me modeling them, but not sure if I posted the few photos I took while constructing them.  What I usually do, is take a pattern, and then customize it.   A lot of the instructions on these patterns aren't very clear, so I improvise anyway.  Recently, I learned how to do a double welted pocket, which I'll show in another post.  But these call for standard side pockets, zipper and my addition, tuxedo stripe.   I have a few problems when I'm sewing.  I don't have a Serger, so my edges are not the prettiest.  That's on my wish list for next year.   And, I don't always choose the most forgiving materials.   For example, these pants would be better if they had just a slight stretch.  But, they still look hot.

After adding the tuxedo strip.

Getting ready to bring the together...

Crappy edges

Getting ready to add zipper

Basted for a change. It really helps keep things in place!

Perfectly alighted zipper. Sucky edges.



waist band being added

December 17, 2013

Coolness is Hynde

I love Chrissie Hynde.  I have to thank my friend Barbara (know as Bambie in HS) for influencing me with all things Pretenders, the Clash, the Jam, and even more pop music as the Go Go's and Duran Duran.  Without her, I might still be rockin' out to Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Doors... Only.   Nothing wrong with those amazing Rock bands, but in 1981, getting something new and fresh was in dire need.  And I absorbed it every note and wale to accompany it.   Even today, I listen to everything.  Everything good.

Anyhow, Hynde is the real thing.  As a young teenager into my 20's, a woman like Chrissie; cool, talented, vocals to kill, was something to look up to.   And I believe she still is.  

December 11, 2013

Always another new language to learn

I was just reading this super funny and talented bloggers post, when I came to this random dialogue she overheard from her kids.  Hysterical.

Meanwhile, I was in my own carpool listening to my kids talk but I have no idea what they are saying. It's all code now.  
A: Kat is so off the hizzy. Right? 
E: For shiz. When she dissed me at lunch, totes rachet! 
A: I'm sticking with my mains. Plus she never got back on PetShop. 
E: Uh! R-Bomb. 
A: I sold my Rainbows but now the school is mad about my flex. 
E: Derp.

Not the kids in the dialogue above, but my favorite little PS261 girls. 
They are all grown up now (this picture is from 2011).

For source: http://www.thedevilstrifecta.com