December 11, 2013

Always another new language to learn

I was just reading this super funny and talented bloggers post, when I came to this random dialogue she overheard from her kids.  Hysterical.

Meanwhile, I was in my own carpool listening to my kids talk but I have no idea what they are saying. It's all code now.  
A: Kat is so off the hizzy. Right? 
E: For shiz. When she dissed me at lunch, totes rachet! 
A: I'm sticking with my mains. Plus she never got back on PetShop. 
E: Uh! R-Bomb. 
A: I sold my Rainbows but now the school is mad about my flex. 
E: Derp.

Not the kids in the dialogue above, but my favorite little PS261 girls. 
They are all grown up now (this picture is from 2011).

For source: http://www.thedevilstrifecta.com

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