October 6, 2015

Living and Breathing Love and Life

Just a lovely recap of yesterday's big day.

It was awesome!  

My birth into my next chapter of life has started off on a good foot.  So many sweet tidings from friends all over the world and loads of love from family near and afar, blood and by bond.

Oysters for lunch, cake for tea time, Pescado and Margaritas for dinner!  All my favorite things.
And the best?  I was sarinated to by my sons and husband!  With one son on piano, the other on guitar, they all sang out Happy Birthday to me.  What a great surprise!
I do love surprises!

It's all good from here really.  Everything up to now is school.  Now it's time to practice what we've learned, to put it to good, and keep it going.  And what better way to illustrate this than Susan Grace's post from yesterday, on my birthday!!  Move forward. Don't plow on through blindly.  Take it with grace, and steady strength.  Steady on my friend. Were in this together.

You are on a bridge.
You are walking between
What was and what is coming next.
Suffering is behind you.
What you're heart truly wants is in front of you.

On this walk,
You are anxious that
If you don't walk exactly right,
The bridge will fall and
So will you.
Maybe you should book it -
Run fast and hard.
Get away from what was.
Dive head-first into what's calling you forward.
Get this transition over with and be done with it.
Don't do that.
You'll smash the bridge.
You have to find the balance.
It's not in what is happening or
In what people around you are doing.
You have to find the balance within.
You have to carry that balance forward to the other side.
You do not know how this is going to pan out.
You do not know how other people are going to show up.
You only know that you have to cross this bridge.
You only know that you,
One way or another,
Are going to make it to the other side
Without falling.
Don't smash the bridge.
You need it.
Trust the Life ahead that is calling your name.
Let your heart lead.
Find the balance.


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