February 10, 2017

Diving into Tarot: Coins and Cups

I'm in awe of my Tarot experience today.  I really hope I didn't just "read" what I wanted to hear. I don't think so, because it's not as if it's an easy task.   But everything just unfolded as it should.

I'm a bit stressed these days trying to figure out how to make a good living, or any kind of living doing what I love.  New businesses are always hard to get going, but seeing the future in front of you, and being patient, does take skill.   Not to mention that it feels like more money is going out than coming in.  I've always had a tendency to spend easily, and not save.

So I decided to try a three card spread, of my own.   I meditated on the subject; My creative and financial success - How can I continue doing what I'm doing and be prosperous.  

Then I posed three question, and laid out a card for each questions:

1.  What can I do right now, in my current situation? : 7 of Pentacles
2.  What can I work towards? : Two of Pentacles
3.  How am I doing right now-Really? : Three of Cups

and the wild card being an Oracle Card: Gluttony

My Reading.  

Card ONE:  What can I do right now, in my current situation? 
7 of Pentacles
    This is the time to work hard towards success. I do have potential success coming.  I have goals. And I am close to achieving them. Keep focus on what I want, and believe in it. Keep focused.  I keep hearing this!   Form a long term view.  Put in the time. Rewards come when we don't give up.

Card TWO:  What can I work towards? 
Two of Pentacles
   Better management of money.  Temporary cash flow issues are happening. This card is common for Freelancers!!  Wow.  Money is up and down now.  But if we pay close attention to finances we will manage even on a tight budget.  Work on good balances between work and other pursuits; physical, mental, spiritual well-being.  Balance is Key. Carefully manage my budget, including day -to day expenses.   Spend Less - earn more, to build a solid financial future. 
This is really scary how right on this is for me.  I need this.

Card THREE.  How am I doing right now-Really? 
Three of Cups
    (I just want to start off by saying, I asked this question specifically about me, personally, not financially, and look what I got?  It's eery how right on this is.)
    Abundance!  Celebration!  A toast to what I have and appreciate it all.  Friends, love, family and my budding career. Abundance of emotional healing!  It is a creative time for me!
     Partnered with 7 of Pentacles, it's good to keep focus - plan - don't give up!  A balance between meeting commitments and spending quality time with friends & family.  
     Right now work is harmonious and collaborations are welcome.  Interesting.

The Oracle Card: Gluttony
   Okay. well this is a no brainer.  This is just telling me what I already know. Stop spending, before I'm ready.  Budget, save, prepare.   Life is different now, and I have to adjust to that.  Think. While it's also time to be gluttonous with love, friendships and celebration of all the hard work I've done emotionally, it's not a time to indulge materialistically.  I know that. 


I don't know. I'm a beginner, and tend to doubt I'm reading it right. But this felt very appropriate for me. The cards really did show up in the right place for the right question.  Don't you think?   If you happen to be an experienced Tarot reader, and have any thoughts, or insight, instruction,  please leave a comment for me.  I'd love to hear.

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