February 8, 2017

What Gives Me Inspiration?

You might have noticed this image below at the bottom of this blog or as the header of my facebook page, but not animated.  It's my Thankful for Family & Friends Inspiration Board.   I do these occationally. I have one next to my desk that is all meditation, yoga, heath, family, etc...  They are great!  Very inspiring.   
But this one was the one I made right before I moved back to New York after living in Germany for 3 1/2 years. I just didn't realize how hard it would be to be so far away from my good friends.  It was very very hard. So this was something that helped.  


Here are some samples of the few I have laying around...

My super spiritual mood board. Motivates me to Mediate, do a bit of yoga, practice Tarot, and just be centered.    I call it the Wild Warrior Mood Board

This one below, is the one I take with me, and look to get my excited about the Gym. Will you look at that woman arm?  And the mother and daughter pic?  uh, I still have time to get in shape to be like the woman who is 60!! She's in better shape than me and her 96 year old Mother!  Let's get this shit done, is what this says to me!!

This I have hanging in my study.  There are some pics of me, only 5 years ago, so I know I can at least get back to that. But this time, I want to be stronger! 

Send me a link to your board?   What' is it that inspires you?

Stay Strong, and believe in yourself!

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