I Am

I started blogging back in 2008. Over the years, my blog has existed under different names; mommydrinks, mommydrinksalot, mommydrinks abroad, ladywarfield presents, and lady2.  My life has changed  also sense those early posts. Whose hasn't? Once focused on fashion, beauty, celebrity, profiles on my talented friends, etc., now I share on deeper love . It's good that we grow, change, and find new directions. 

I like to share about journey we go through as a woman. And in my case a woman in her 50's.  It's time to embrace age, and celebrate it, rather than disguise it.  So many of us are looking for more than material items, not to say we don't want them, but we want more.  To be connected to the world. Connected on a deeper level within ourselves and with our friends.  To be able to make a difference.

 I am but a wild child, a wise woman,
a seeker of light and beauty in all things. 
I am here for the truth.
only spiritual warriors enter


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